Do you want your restaurant to be featured on our websites? We listed down below the questions we need for you to answer and submit to us the complete details.

  • Name of your restaurant
  • Location
  • What types of food cuisine do you serve? (Italian, French, Greek, Asian, etc.)
  • What is the unique style of cooking or food you’re offering to your guests?
  • What is the best dish in your restaurant that you want to market?
  • What are your reasons why you want to be featured on our blog?
  • Send sample pictures of your best dish and your restaurant. (At least 5 samples)

Here are the things Anne focuses on when she makes a review of a restaurant, its services, and food:

  • Innovative venue of the restaurant that makes the atmosphere more interesting
  • Technique on how the simple dish transforms into a mouthwatering cuisine
  • Unique presentation and preparation of the dish served

This is how the review process works:

  • We will send you a message two weeks prior to the visitation.
  • You will give a full detailed description of how to get there, the landmarks of your place.
  • We give credits to your service crew and interview them about the tasks they do around the restaurant and what they love about working there.
  • With your permission, we will interview the chef about the best dishes in the restaurant, their ingredients, preparation, and more. We understand that you may want to keep your secret ingredients to yourselves, so you won’t be forced to divulge them.
  • We review the food based on the preparation, ambiance, taste and overall expectations.

We send you a copy of our review before we post it in our blog site.