Review: Home-Cooked Foods at MMM Resto

There’s no food like home-cooked food. But what if you don’t have the time to cook yourself? Luckily, there’s a restaurant that offers exactly what you’re looking for.
Mary’s resto not only has a homey ambience, but it also serves home-cooked foods. It is a small restaurant located just around the busy corner of New York City.
Mary’s was founded by Mary Daniel who’s been an experienced cook for more than a decade. She was inspired by her mother and grandmother who are also known as a great cook. They have an original recipe which has been passed down from one generation of their family to the other.
Mary studied culinary arts and decided to put up a business after she graduated. She transformed their family recipe and made it the specialty menu of her restaurant.
In designing the Mary’s resto, she took inspiration from the home and the kitchen of her grandparents.She added modern recliners and a flat screen TV,…