Gourmet Impression is a food blog website founded by Anne Matilda, a mother of three kids, a traveler, and a food lover. She believes that food controls human behavior. When the person is sad, stressed, happy, sincere, in love, etc., it can change or strengthen the emotion. It also makes people interact with each other. It makes a whole family gathering more enjoyable and fun. Lastly, it can add an extra spice to one’s travel experience.

She planned to join the food blogging industry when she went to explore Beijing, China and ate in one of the best restaurants with her mother and siblings. She forgot the name now, but she remembered how she was amazed by the ambiance, excellent service, and most especially the food. The restaurant inspired her and gave her an idea to try new foods from various restaurants and explore many different ways of presenting food. She put her experiences into writing so that other people will know about them as well.

She started to create Gourmet Impression website and consistently posts blog to inspire other food lovers like her. She writes her reviews about major and minor food businesses that she has visit. At the same time, she promotes mouthwatering food bites around the world. Sometimes, she also features chefs and their unique way of cooking their specialties.

She travels all around the world, often with her family and sometimes alone, to discover, new food establishments, give critics and compliments, and taste foods from different countries. She also wants to take part in promoting restaurant business. She wishes that the industry continues to grow in the future.

The Gourmet Impression blog would also like to reach out to the small food enterprises and put them into the map. Anne wants to promote deserving restaurants. In this way, she helps startup restaurants promote their brand and gain more customers within the city and from other parts of the world. Anne always tries to keep her insights and reviews truthful.

Gourmet Impression blog is mainly geared towards food lovers who are as enthusiastic as Anne in exploring unique tastes, discovering cultural cuisines, experiencing the best-tasting food in the world, and getting inspiration from others’ stories, reviews, and content. It is also open to those who want to share their comments and their best food experiences.