Review: Francis Mobile Food Truck

For a long time, the mobile food truck owned by Chef Francis Marlow has caught our attention. And finally, we were able to catch it and try its specialty foods.
He started to build this business after he graduated in Culinary Arts. He saw the potential target market of a mobile food truck for the busy employees, students, and business owners who can’t make their lunch at home and just eat in a fast food chain just to satisfy their hunger.
What makes it unique? It is the cooking and preparation of their food using large propane smoker that slowly cooks the meat, making it tender and juicy. Chef Francis thinks that people love to eat their meat in a slowly cooked manner. This cooking process also accents the flavor and spices of the dish.
Chef Francis wants to share his ability and talent in cooking by showing to the people how he cooks his dishes. By having a food truck, people gets to look at the preparation of the food. Some customers get excited by seeing him cook. Sometimes, Chef Francis hosts a live cooking s…